Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Google Earth

One example of a content exploration tool is the resource "Google Earth". Google Earth is an online satelite-based mapping program that allows students to "fly" across the globe and study the actual geography of the whole world. In my classroom I would use this resource to introduce the geographic region of the areas of study in which the material teaches. For example, when learning about the history of conflict amongst Iraq and Iran... it would be beneficial for the students to begin the topic by using this resource and study where these to regions lie in relation to one another and learn first hand what geographic tendencies may be a source of conflict. For example, after using google earth to view the two regions. I noticed that the two regions lay side by side, and the boarder is major sites of oil... so the two regions have historically fought over control of the resources that lay in between the two nations. Causing feuding that has lasted for a long time.

In conclusion, Google Earth ( http://www.google.com/educators/p_earth.html ) is a great resource that is beneficial to the classroom.

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