Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lab #9 Reflection

I thought that our online class was very interesting, and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I got out of it. When Mr. Abaci first announced that we would be using the Adobe Connect chat room for lab this week, I was a little nervous. I was intimidated by the technology and instantly worried about not getting my slide show uploaded properly, or not being able to work the chatroom when the lab was in session and not being able to hear, or see the slides, or talk to present my "google group" presentation. But, as soon as I was in lab I realized that the chatroom was very user friendly and easy to figure out. All of my worries were tossed out the window. I really enjoyed this experience and got a lot out of it, I now feel much more confident in using this form of online discussion in the future. I really enjoyed this tool.
I could, and would, even use this tool in my own classroom. In social studies, field trips are very common... but there are always students that can not go. I could use this tool so that the class on the field trip can communicate with the members in the class room-- that way every one is on the same paige. Or, I could use this so that my class can communicate with people from around the world. That way they can see other cultures and have a more well rounded cultural experience.

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