Wednesday, November 18, 2009


- I have completed my three short term professional development goals:
  • My first short term professional development goal was to learn to create a digital narative video. I did this by completing my digital narative story. While creating this video I learned how to upload pictures from the interned (with proper citation), how to record voice overs, and how to insert text onto the picture. This is the project I came up with.

I feel that I can use this tool in my future classroom frequently. It is effective because it presents relevant information (because I can create what the information is about), it is efficient and quick, and it is also enhancement. The audio presents the information that I want while visual images pop up to make learning more stimulating. I think that this is a great tool. I am very glad that I have incorporated this into my professional development.

  • My second short term professional development goal was to learn how to use blogging software. I wanted to find out what blogging websites were free and available to use, and I wanted to learn how to write basic blogging journal entries. I fulfilled this goal by creating three different blogging accounts, and what I learned is that no blogging website is the same. Here are the blogs I did and a summary of what I thought of them:
  1. I really liked this blogging website. It was easy to use, easy to navigate around, allowed me to upload pictures, bullet points, videos, etc. It kept things neat and tidy. i would definitely use this blogging service for my class.
  2. I really liked this website the 5 times that it allowed me to use it. But then, the website shut down. And for two days I was not allowed to blog in the website. I went ahead and copied and pasted what I had wrote in my other blogs in this blog just so I could have 7 posts-- but I had to do it later. I thought this brought up an interesting point: if you are going to have your students use a tool, make sure that you research the provider and know its dependable. I found that out the hard way.
  3. I didn't like this blogging website. It did not let me upload pictures or videos, and while they would let me type in bullets in blogged without them, making my work unorganized. I would not recommend this website to anyone, and would definitely not use it in my class.
  • My third short term professional development goal was to research different approaches to modeling digital age working and learning by taking notes from my professors and from Professor Leftwhich's video: "Educating the Digital Generation". I did this in my blogs, so please refer to the links above.
- In addition to to completing my short term goals I am also making progress on my long term goals:

  • I have made progress in gaining confidence in developing wikis and blogs. Especially blogs, I was really proud of what I produced above.
  • And I have gained knowledge on different tools and types of assistive technologies. I have been paying attention to Professor Leftwhich's suggestions, and have been using alot of new tools. A lot of which I have used and added to my E-portfolio.

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