Thursday, November 12, 2009

Classroom Communication

When I begin teaching in the classroom I plan on using google groups to communicate with my students. This tool allows the teachers to post blogs, pictures, and podcasts online so that their students can access these resources on their own time. In addition, you can send group e-mails to everyone in your "google group" aka- all of your students, you can send and receive individual e-mails so that you can communicate efficiently with a student on a one-on one basis, students are able to post their work and view other student's works so that they can have an idea if they are doing an assignment correctly, students can work on assignments collaboratively using the googledocs application, and students can even communicate with other students from around the world-- which would be very beneficial to a social studies classroom. I believe that google groups is a great communication tool for communicating with my students. You could also create a group for parents, though I wouldn't because I belive that by the time a student reaches a highschool level I will not need to communicate with parents as often.

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